WATCH: Fashionistas reflect on what they missed about dressing up and what they’re wearing this season at Nicci Boutique launch

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Nov 19, 2021

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After months of being stuck at home and in person-events being cancelled, we are slowly coming out of our shells and attending events. Such was the case at the Durban launch of Nicci Boutiques at Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

Durban's top fashion and beauty bloggers and influencers attended and there was a sense of relief as they caught up after months of not seeing each other, while shopping and getting their hair done by a Glam Palm stylist.

Nicci Breger of Nicci Boutiques spoke to us about how people are going to be wearing more colour this season, a change from the drab colours and clothes we’ve been wearing during the pandemic.

“I think with this positivity comes the opportunity to embrace new trends and the amazing new colours that are on trend right now, like the beautiful turquoises, the lemons, the pinks we have in stock. From our point of view, we will see people experiment more with colour, which they weren't too comfortable with doing previously."

Breger also spoke about how this season will see more people embrace the revenge dressing trend after being stuck at home for such a long time.

Breger also spoke about how this season will see more people embrace the revenge dressing trend after being stuck at home for such a long time.

“I've been saying it’s revenge buying, because after being confined in their homes people are finally coming out and embracing life once again. People are having fun with fashion and they have embraced that aspect of fashion. It’s an opportunity to come out of our comfort zone and style rut, which can be ageing and boring and get ready to push boundaries and embrace looks they have never done before.

“Personally I am loving the texture of fabrics, the embellishments, embroidery, trims… It’s luxe dressing, which is what we have in store."

Sustainable fashion was also a topic of conversation, thanks to the garments designed by the Durban University of Technology’s fashion students using paper bags from Nicci Boutique.

“I strongly feel that the fashion industry needs to start doing more in their efforts to save the environment. And it should at fashion schools so we get things right from the bottom. The industry cannot keep greenwashing and getting away with it,” Breger said.

“Hence we had this collaboration with the DUT students to design garments using Nicci packaging.”

Influencers, Rivania Pillay and Rohini Bisaal said they were excited about events happening again, especially since they missed dressing up.

“I missed the creativity and thinking about what to wear, because we just woke up, wore our joggers or tracksuits and I am so glad that time is over,” Bisaal said.

They are both looking forward to dressing up this season, especially with the trend this season being about getting revenge on the pandemic.

“I am so looking forward to the bold prints, and being bold in my dressing and getting out of my comfort zone,” said Pillay. Bisaal agreed.

“The bright, bold and happy colours are definitely what I am looking forward to wearing. Covid-19 drained us and made us very dull, so I am definitely going with colour and some sparkle as well,” she said.

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