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Monday, May 23, 2022

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How many controversial food opinions do you agree with?

Dunked wings. Picture: KFC

Dunked wings. Picture: KFC

Published Jan 18, 2022


You might think spinach is loved by everybody, and pineapple on pizza is a crime across the world.

However, you would be surprised with the kind of bizarre food preferences people will begin to express once they are given the perfect chance.

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And that is what happened on social media recently.

After one Twitter user by the name @tanyajunghans invited fellow people online to express their controversial food opinions, an overwhelming number of people began dropping bombs.

Rice is not the love of everyone’s life, and some people could eat papaya with lime if they could.

“What’s your most controversial food/drink opinion?

Mine: Seafood sucks. Chocolate is boring. Alcohol is vile. Cheese should be outlawed.

Disclaimer: Google the definition of opinion. Grow up and don’t personally attack people for the food/drink they ingest,” wrote @tanyajunghans. And the responses are hilarious and shocking.

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Not all dishes suit the style buds of everyone, and a few people hate food flavoured with lemon, cheese, and consuming beetroot, too.

The tweet went viral, raking in over seven-hundred quote retweets and eight-hundred likes since the time of publication. Users too began sharing their responses in the viral Twitter thread.

Several customers wrote some controversial statements which gave us an entirely new perspective about a number of well-liked meals.

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And as for me? I don’t like Japanese food. In fact, I find it to be rather disgusting. My friend who enjoys Japanese food just can’t wrap her head around the fact that I think it’s gross.

Below IOL Lifestyle's reporters also share their controversial food opinions.

Milk. Picture: Charlotte May

“I don’t care how good people say it is for your teeth and bones, but I have never been able to stomach drinking a glass of milk straight.

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“I’ve seen my father gulp it down like a refreshing beverage on a hot day and my siblings dip their Oreo’s into a tall glass of ice-cold milk as a sneaky after-dinner snack.

“But even as a kid, I reduced my cookie-eating routine down to a neat twist, lick and chomp, instead. I don’t mind it in my cereal, tea, or even hot chocolate, but plain milk is just too much.

“The second beverage I cannot get behind is vodka. Even a whiff is enough to summon flashbacks of club bathrooms and pounding headaches.

“No matter how much you try to dilute it with other sugary, more palatable liquids, its strong flavour can always be detected.

“And like a shot - don’t even get me started. No amount of tonic water or Sprite as a chaser could adequately diffuse the throat burning that lingers longer than necessary.” - Sacha Van Niekerk.

Ice on wine. Picture: Pexels/Dziana Hasanbekava

“Ice in wine. I've always judged people who put ice in wine because they want it to be 'cooler'.

“What they're actually doing is taking away all the blends. Now you can't taste it properly because it has been diluted with water.

“Be patient enough to let your wine stay in the cooler before drinking it. Don't rush by adding ice because you're taking away its flavour.

“Secondly, it would be Castle Milk Stout and milk. When I used to stay in Pretoria, people in Mamelodi would mix Castle Milk Stout and milk in a two-litre bottle.

“I always found it weird because why would you want to dash beer with milk? It's not tea or coffee.

“It is beer! It always left me confused, but the people seem to enjoy it, so I let it be.

“But it's just one of those things I would never do because my stomach would be so upset.” - Thobile Mazibuko.

Chocolate sauce. Picture: Pexels/Anna-Tarazevich

“Along with all the other women of the world, I’m a self-confessed chocoholic, obsessed with all things chocolate-related.

“Whether I’m working my way through a sinful slice of moist, dark chocolate cake or savouring each spoonful of decadent chocolate gelato, that’s where I find my happy place.

“I’m sure we can all agree that chocolate is a sweet treat and certainly not something you’ll find on the savoury side of the food spectrum.

“The thought of mixing chocolate with anything savoury was completely foreign to me until, out of sheer curiosity and FOMO, I decided to try grilled fillet steak with a chilli chocolate sauce. I love steak. I mean who doesn’t.

“There’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked steak. And when it comes to sauces, my go-to would be mushroom sauce.

“Steak with mushroom sauce makes perfect sense. Steak with chocolate sauce? Not so much.

“After much internal debate, I eventually caved and ventured into this uncharted taste territory, and I’m so glad that I did.

“The combination of the perfectly seasoned and grilled tender fillet with the rich dark, smooth and creamy chocolate sauce was gastronomic.” - Geraldine Cupido

Dunked wings. Picture: KFC

“Mayonnaise and beans don't count as a salad. KFC dunked wings are snacks and should not be eaten with bread.

“There is a difference between chakalaka and bean salad. Get your menu right.” - Viwe Ndongeni.

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