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Friday, May 27, 2022

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5 treats to enjoy with your morning coffee

Coffee means so much to the people who love it. Picture: Pexels/Beyza Efe

Coffee means so much to the people who love it. Picture: Pexels/Beyza Efe

Published Nov 8, 2021


Coffee junkies just cannot get going without their morning cuppa. It helps to kickstart their morning and the caffeine keeps them going as the day drags on.

But you can add even more zing to your coffee if it’s paired with the right treat. Here are five foods that make perfect coffee companions.

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There is a reason coffee and doughnuts go hand in hand. This long time coupling has been a South African-favourite for a long time due to the unique flavour combination. The bitterness of the coffee unbelievably complements the sweetness of the doughnut. There are tons of pairings to choose from when it comes to coffee and doughnuts (and most pairings will work!).


If you are looking for a healthier snack, then fruit often provides the best option. Health experts reveal that you have to be careful when pairing fruit with coffee, though, as the sour notes of some will be overwhelming when mixed with coffee. They say you should opt for berries or stone fruits, such as peaches and apricots, for the best flavour combination, and that the kind of coffee you drink will determine which fruit works best with it.

Coffee pancakes

Enjoy this morning treat with your favourite cup of coffee. Some people say that pancakes are old-fashioned; however, in this case, coffee adds a sense of delight to these traditional treats. The combination puts a big smile on your face as you sip your cherished coffee. Add your favourite topping or syrup, and you have yourself enough energy to round all day.

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Not all coffee pairings need to be sweet. Savoury can work just as well or better. Bacon is one of the most popular breakfast foods around, and one of the main reasons is that it goes extremely well with coffee. The salty, savoury, fatty flavour of bacon can perfectly complement a strong cup of coffee.


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Finally, I have saved the best for last: cookies and coffee. This flavour combination works best if you dip your cookie into the coffee. Though there is some debate about whether or not it is proper for table etiquette, it has not stopped many people around the world from doing so.

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