Fuzzy the cat. Picture: Supplied
Fuzzy the cat. Picture: Supplied

Fuzzy’s a jolly good fellow: Cape Town family throws ’30th’ bash for cat

By Venecia Valentine Time of article published Dec 2, 2021

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This Mitchells Plain family loves their cat so much that they throw him a birthday party every year.

On Sunday, Fuzzy the black and white cat celebrated his “30th” birthday at the family’s Eastridge home.

But that’s 30 cat years, says his owner, Warda Cay, 37: “One year in human years is equivalent to 15 years in cat years, so Fuzzy is 30.”

The mom of two says she first met Fuzzy in January 2019, when he was just a few weeks old.

“I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, he came to lie at my feet and then I knew I must take him home with me,” she recalls.

“He sat on my lap while I was driving, all the way home.

“I entered the house and he followed me around,” said Cay.

She says Fuzzy is treated like her human children.

“Fuzzy has become family and sits at the table when we eat.

Fuzzy’s ’30th’ birthday. Picture: Supplied

“He sleeps in my bed. We get up at the same time and if I oversleep, he wakes me up,” she said.

She says her extended family all have cats but she couldn’t invite them to this year’s party due to Covid-19.

Fuzzy had a birthday cake with his face on it and his mom made him a special treat with viennas and polony in the shape of a cat.

“Fuzzy loves balloons, so I had balloons hanging over the table so that he could jump and burst them.

Shameegh, Warda, Fuzzy, Imaan, Fakhir. Picture: Supplied

“He also loves these party strings so I had it on the floor so that he could tangle himself in it.

“He enjoyed his day,” said Cay.

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