Major League DJz. Picture: Instagram
Major League DJz. Picture: Instagram

Major League DJz become 1st amapiano artists to launch their own NFTs

By Shingai Darangwa Time of article published Dec 3, 2021

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Fresh off their globetrotting missions these past few months, Major League DJz took to social media to announce that they'd be making available the first ever amapiano NFT.

“The first Amapiano NFT and our NFT is now available for purchase tomorrow! We are showcasing at Miami Art Basel.

“Please go to to purchase them!” they posted on Thursday.

The twin DJs accompanied the announcement with a clip of the digital art piece that they'd be showcasing at Miami Art Basel.

The art piece designed by Maxhosa, depicts the faces of the DJs mixed with CDJs, a mixer, sound system and their unique style.

A few hours after the announcement, they shared a statement that they'd be pushing back the release date, which was scheduled to be today, due to the unprecedented demand, and that they would be making even more NFTs.

Over the past year, NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), which act as virtual signatures, have taken off across the globe.

"NFTs are like investing in us as a currency," they said. "We could make you money by holding our NFT as we gain in 'value' in our career, alongside benefits for the NFT holder like an exclusive song of ours only for you, a DJ session with us, invite to a balcony mix, and meet and greet concert tickets."

Built on blockchain technology, which acts as a digital ledger of sorts, NFTs help maintain accurate, public proof of ownership for original artworks and their owners.

NFTs have been particularly popular with digital artists, who had previously struggled with their work being replicated and infinitely duplicated.

Digital artist Lethabo Huma explained their importance to us in a recent interview.

"They provide a certificate of authenticity. So you can now verify original digital artwork, meaning that the value of digital art can be on the same level as traditional art because now there's a system of proving who created what."

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