Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has apologised as the placement of all learners seeking Grade 1 and Grade 8 in 2022 has been delayed. File Picture COURTNEY AFRICA
Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has apologised as the placement of all learners seeking Grade 1 and Grade 8 in 2022 has been delayed. File Picture COURTNEY AFRICA

Panyaza Lesufi apologizes as school placements are delayed for 121 000 learners

By Jonisayi Maromo Time of article published Nov 30, 2021

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Pretoria - The Gauteng Department of Education on Tuesday announced that the placement period deadline for the 2022 online admissions for Grade 1 and Grade 8 had been extended to December 10.

“Today, 30 November 2021, was initially the last day to place learners, but unfortunately, due to the massive delay in some parents accepting our offers, the Gauteng Department of Education regrets to inform unplaced parents that we are extending the placement period deadline to 10 December 2021,” said spokesperson Steve Mabona.

The department had successfully placed 213 313 [64%] of the 335 091 applications received so far, he said.

The provincial education authorities said the number of unplaced applicants had thus been reduced to 121 778 comprising of 43 654 Grade 1, and 78 124 Grade 8 place seekers.

“It must be indicated that, we have received a high volume of applications which have applied pressure to our schools’ capacity to accommodate learners. Our officials are working around the clock to manage the demand most of our schools have against the capacity that they are able to accommodate, and what we are prioritizing mostly at this stage is ensuring that learners have space in a school in Gauteng before 2022 begins,” said Mabona.

“We also plead with those who have not yet received an offer to continue checking their application status and accepting available offers of placement by logging into, as we will be processing applications and sending out more offers throughout this extended placement period.”

Mabona said parents should note that offers from the Gauteng Department of Education which remain pending for more than seven days will be auto-accepted as placed “to avoid further delays”.

“A parent that does not prefer the offer of placement given should lodge an objection by declining the offer online. Objection forms are available online,” said Mabona.

Should a parent remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the objection, they may submit an appeal by declining the objection outcome online. Mabona said appeal forms were also available online.

“While the department remains committed to placing all applicants, with or without documents, it must be noted that placement cannot be made without proof of residence [home address]. Applicants who have not yet submitted their proof of residence will be afforded an opportunity to submit these in due course.”

He said applicants who missed the deadline to apply to Grade 1 or Grade 8 for the 2022 academic year will be afforded an opportunity to apply during the late application period which will begin on January 5.

Meanwhile, Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi has apologized for the delay in the placement of the learners.

“We profusely apologise to those parents who are still awaiting placement notices. This is mainly because the majority of preferred schools are full and the department is trying hard to expand their capacities,” said Lesufi.

“We also call upon those who received offers to either accept or decline the offer as some (other) parents may accept your declined offer. This will assist us in accelerating placements. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.”


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