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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Congratulations matric class of 2021, take a bow!

Published Jan 19, 2022


Our matric class of 2021, South Africans celebrate you and your achievements, big and small, and despite it not being easy and under “normal” circumstances – you did it.

The chaotic duo of 2020 and 2021 were nothing short of dreadful. The year 2021 was just as unexpected and unstable as its predecessor and promised to hold nothing back with its uncertainty.

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Traditionally, matric is stressful yet exciting as you have prepared for this since grade 1 and it kicks off your adolescent years. It is challenging at first but you get the hang of it and exams and timetables become a norm. However, the pandemic has disturbed the balance and shifted the focus of academia excellence to survival guide for Covid-19.

It was not easy and at times it may have felt unfair and ridiculous, especially with the continuous uncertainty around rotational learning and lockdown. Transitioning from grade 11, amid a pandemic, to matric is an achievement in itself and shows how resilient you have become. Your country is proud of you and cheers you on.

You have displayed the determination and grit despite times wanting to cry and throw in the towel, many of you stood strong and pushed through not knowing what lie ahead.

Some expectations would have been met, while some matriculants would be crushed with their results and some would have lost complete hope. If anything these past two years have taught me is to appreciate the little things that impact us in big ways – there is always hope if you get to see another day.

If you feel your results could have been better, there are ways to improve your results. If you feel that your life is destroyed because you have failed, you can rewrite or send your papers back for a remark. If you have met your expectations and are pleased with your results, congratulations. Your life does not end or begin with matric, in fact it is a stepping stone to something greater – there’s no full stop (except for this sentence).

You are in a position to take the opportunities that life has to offer and the cliché “the world is your oyster” is indeed true and ever so relevant today as the world is booming with opportunities that perhaps never existed 10 years ago in my time. The digital age provides a plethora of opportunities – make your mark and discover your own niche.

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