Picture: Daniel J. Schwarz/Unsplash
Picture: Daniel J. Schwarz/Unsplash

Life on the road: This is why Gen Z is jumping on the tiny mobile home trend

By Kaymery Swart Time of article published Nov 22, 2021

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I am Generation Z. Yes that group of youngsters that are taking over from millennials as marketers and advertisers new obsession

You may be interested to know what some of us think about property.

Well, I can say we are breaking the shackles and cutting the nooses from our necks when it comes to bricks and mortar investments.

I believe a radical change is occurring about how we choose to live and I love it.

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Three words: Tiny mobile homes

Although for some, the choice may be an economic one, for many the initial attraction stems from wanting to be kind to the Earth and live a green ecologically aware life. Living off-grid appeals to us.

For myself, I am a lover of the vast openness of nature and the unknown intrigues me immensely.

I, like many of my peers, do not intend to settle in one place. On the contrary, I see myself stopping in small towns for short visits, choosing to live on the road and move from place to place.

Tiny homes are usually moveable meaning that you can just up and head to your desired location. Picture: Tobias Tullius/Unsplash

A nomadic lifestyle appeals to me, and to many, hence mobile tiny housing draws us in.

Tiny living is both a matter of space and living costs. Tiny homes are usually moveable meaning that you can just up and head to your desired location.

For me, one of the big pros is that it's entirely moveable! This is the greatest factor.

It is also cost-effective. This not only attracts the younger generation like myself - a 23-year-old - but older people too. Unlike the older generation who bought affordable houses, we are faced with high housing prices.

Tiny homes are cheaper than your average traditional suburban home, so going that route is the logical choice if you wish to have a low-maintenance living experience. The cost of building a tiny home compared to the traditional home is also much lower.

Before you say it. We know - we have access to the internet - and yes, it isn't all that glamorous.

Another obvious con is that it is limited with regard to space. Homes that are to be moved by road must conform to a certain size. Living areas are therefore cramped.

Another con is that one cannot start a large family.

Mobile homes barely accommodate two adults, so having children would be a feat. Opting for an immovable tiny home would make better sense if one wished to start a family.

But for most Gen Zers having a family isn’t on our to-do list right now.

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