WATCH: Is CPT becoming the new ‘down under’? Netizens react to snake sightings in the Mother City

Cape Town is also known as South Africa’s Mother City. Picture: Unsplash

Cape Town is also known as South Africa’s Mother City. Picture: Unsplash

Published Nov 20, 2023


The recent sightings of snakes in Cape Town has left Mzansi netizens questioning if the city was becoming the new Australia and, as such, the snake capital of South Africa.

This follow videos of these snake sightings trending on socal media platforms from a puff adder spotted on Table Mountain, a cape Cobra being found in an aeroplane, a snake being removed from a residential estate and more recently, the viral video of a Cape cobra and mongoose battling it out at the Atlantic Beach Golf Estate in Melkbosstrand.

@richaunty_fit Did you see the size of those snakes?😭![CDATA[]]>😭 #capecobra #capetown #richauntyfit ♬ original sound - Nomi Zwane

Content strategist and content creator, Nomi Zwane, took to TikTok to share that “Cape Cobras are everywhere”, including the estate that she lives in the Mother City.

“Literally everyday in the WhatsApp group, there is a different cobra, there is a different cobra everyday!” said Zwane.

In her video, Zwane included a video of a snake being removed from the parking area at the estate where she lives.

She also included further video evidence of sightings around the her estate and Cape Town.

“At this point, you need a honey badger to live in Cape Town. To be safe you need that,” said Zwane, commenting on the video of the mongoose battling it out with the cobra at the golf course.

Since the snake season started in the Western Cape and Cape Town, Tyrone Ping, an author and herpetologist, who also does snake removals, posted close to four videos of snake sightings and the snakes being removed and re-wilded.

Commenting on Zwane’s video,, said: “I don’t know if it works, lol but people in my estate put jeyes fluid around the perimeter of their gardens, ALLEGEDLY the smell wards them off. 😂”

Another TikToker, @Thabie.tee, said: “At my workplace there are 2 big snakes including a cape cobra😟 I always fear for my life everytime I’m on site😂😂😂.”

To which, Zwane responded: “Ooooh my Godt😭😭😭, you ate still on sight? I think you mesnt on a flight ✈️- out of there!!!”

Another user, @sancho10973, said: “if I were in capetown I'd start a business nyana like honeybadgers and Mangoose for hire uyabo”

Whilst @theo_patra commented: “Not Cape Town turning into Australia 😭😭.”