5 reasons why we think Zozibini Tunzi is back in SA

Zozibini Tunzi is currently in South Africa. Picture: Instagram/@zozitunzi.

Zozibini Tunzi is currently in South Africa. Picture: Instagram/@zozitunzi.

Published Sep 14, 2020


The queen of the universe, Zozibini Tunzi, is back home after being quarantined in New York, where she currently lives.

Likewise, Tunzi’s arrival brought happiness to many South Africans. Some are wondering why she's back. Could it be because of a special occasion or she was just homesick? Here’s why we think she came back to the mother soil.

Heritage Day

The former Miss SA titleholder is big on tradition. Now that we’re in September, which is known as Heritage Month, we think that Zozi saw it fit to be at home to celebrate this remarkable month with her people.


Being away from your family can be stressful, especially during these difficult times where we are faced with the Covid-19 pandemic. Zozi could've been homesick and needed to be with her family.

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Ahhhh Dlangamandla! To the best dad in the entire Universe😄. I have so many stories to tell about my dad but today I'll tell you this one. Once my dad tried to call me and I was busy so I missed his call. He called my chaperone and then proceeded to call my boss at the time, the director of Miss SA. At this point so many people are blowing up my phone so I stop to return his call because now I'm panicking thinking something must have gone wrong at home. I call him and he says "MamTolo, I just wanted to check if you got the joke I sent you on whatsapp" You guys, he was calling me for the 3rd time that day. You should have seen how I ran out of that studio to call him back thinking it was a matter of life and death 🤣. And it's not even just me, he does this to all of my sisters and keeps the same energy! To be fair though he's returning the favor. When I was a kid, I used to keep a container of 50cent coins reserved specially for him. He worked far in the big city (Cape Town) so whenever I got a distinction and a star for a test I would run so fast to the public phones to call him to tell him about how I had made top 3 in my 4th grade class. I loved to hear the pride in his voice just as much as I still do now. Happy Father's Day Tolo! Vumba lempongo liyanuka❤

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To put a stop to these wilding brands

How dare TRESemmé call our hair dull and damaged? Is it not the same hair that won Zozi the Miss Universe title? If there is something that the brand has, it’s the audacity. Perhaps Zozi flew back so she could call them into order.


She could be here because of work. After all, she’s the face of “I am Fearless”, a campaign by 1st For Women insurance.

Miss South Africa finale

In about a month, the Miss SA organisation will be hosting a season finale where Miss SA 2020 will be crowned. Now, as the first Miss SA to wear the Buhle crown before Sasha- Lee Olivier took over from her reign, it’s only fair that Tunzi is there on this prestigious event.

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