WATCH ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ From love to lies - TikTok sensation Reesa Teesa

The TikToker knows some think she’s dumb for believing her ex-husband’s lies, but she’s being smart about planning her future.

The TikToker knows some think she’s dumb for believing her ex-husband’s lies, but she’s being smart about planning her future.

Published Mar 14, 2024


Reesa Teesa, aka Tareasa Johnson, has found herself thrust into the limelight as a voice for scorned women after sharing her messy divorce saga on TikTok.

At 39, she still reels from the deception of her ex-husband, whom she describes as a "pathological liar" fabricating family members and forging documents.

Her TikTok journey began innocently enough with a simple question: “What’s a f*cked up thing that your ex did to you?”

Teesa's revelation of her own messy ordeal has struck a chord with women worldwide, prompting her to delve deeper into her relationship with a man she dubbed "Legion" - a pseudonym which is derived from the biblical reference to a group of demons - symbolising the demons she faced in her relationship.

What followed was a series of 50 videos chronicling her roller-coaster of a relationship, totalling over eight hours.

By the time she finished recording the series, her follower count had jumped from 8,000 to 300,000. As of March, it’s at 3.7 million, and part one of the series has 41 million views.

Her videos, unscripted and raw, give a glimpse into her life, peppered with moments of humour amid the emotional turmoil.

Teesa admits she was naive and made mistakes. She wants her story to warn others about the risks of falling in love.

Since becoming an overnight folk hero of sorts, she is recognised by strangers on the street and praised by millions online, however, she's also faced the cruelty of internet trolls, a harsh reminder of the perils of online fame.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Teesa remains resolute in her mission. She hopes her journey will show others how to recognise warning signs and prioritise their own wellbeing in relationships.

And while her DMs are overflowing with stories of deceit and heartbreak, she's encouraged by the support of her newfound community.

Reesa Teesa's story is not just one of anger, betrayal and heartache, but one of resilience and self-discovery. As she continues to navigate her newfound fame, she remains determined in her mission to empower other women.

With 39 million followers, her future looks promising, and it has been forecast that she has the potential to make E38 million this year and up to R75 million the next. Teesa, however, likes the stability, benefits, and retirement plan that come with her current job.

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