Boity Thulo’s perfume business may have failed but it hasn’t stopped her from trying again

Boity Thulo. Picture:Twitter

Boity Thulo. Picture:Twitter

Published Apr 19, 2024


Media personality Boity Thulo over the years has dabbled in the world of business, launching several business ventures.

Most recently news of her perfume Boity Pink Sapphire Eau de Parfum that she launched in 2020 being sold at huge markdown hit the blogs and got people talking.

Boity Pink Sapphire by Halo Heritage is a proudly South African, first-of-its-kind eau de parfum. It is best described as an ode to powerful, modern African queens.

Popular blog MaphephaNdaba wrote: “HEADLINE @boity’s products DROP to the lowest crust…

“#Boity’s perfume moved from R595 to R60. Making it one of the lowest-priced perfumes in SA. Bondaba, what does it smell like? Do you have it? Why so low? Asihlebeni below ⬇️only.”

Instead of avoiding the gossip, Boity stepped into the comment section and admitted that the business failed, which is very disappointing.

She wrote: “The business failed. Very disappointing. Life happened. But we try again and keep moving forward. ❤️✨🤩”

On her own Instagram account she went on to post, a series of pictures that highlighted her business journey, with her most recent being BTS Signature - a peach frizzante and BeYou by Boity - a hair company.

“Don’t be afraid to try. And never allow the fear of failure to cripple you,” she wrote.

“The dream was placed in your heart for a purpose. ❤️ It will eventually work out exactly the way it’s meant to. We are still learning. 💃🏾✨👑 #fall9timesgetup10 #BabyStepsAreStillSteps 😘🤗 #OwnYourThrone👑

She has also done Boity Haircare, Boity Toning Support, a collection with Sissy Boy and a partnership with Impulse.

Her followers praised the ‘Wuz Dat’ rapper for owning her business failures and also shared words of advice for her businesses and how she can make them sustainable.

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